Write Your Reps! Tell Greg Abbott: Stop Suppressing Voters

Writing Tips

  • Make it personal: Tell Greg Abbott how COVID-19 has impacted you. Express your concerns about voting during a pandemic.
  • Tell Greg Abbott that prohibiting counties from providing multiple ballot drop-offs is voter suppression.
  • Commend Greg Abbott for extending the Early Voting period and insist that those dates remain in place

The COVID-19 pandemic threatens the lives of Texas voters. Texans who are eligible to vote by absentee ballot can reduce their risk of exposure to the virus by mailing or hand-delivering their ballots. to make it easier and safer to vote, several of the largest Texas counties set up secure ballot drop-off locations in multiple locations. This is especially important because of ongoing U.S. Postal Service delays.

On October 1, Gov. Greg Abbott issued an order allowing Texas counties no more than one drop-off location for voters casting absentee ballots. This reduced the number of drop-off locations in Harris County (pop. 2.4 million) from 12 to one, and the number in Travis County (pop. 1.2 million) from four to one.

Harris and Travis county are both Democratic strongholds.

In July, Gov. Abbott extended the Early Voting period by six days—which will alleviate long lines and exposure to the coronavirus. However, Republicans in the state legislature are placing intense pressure on Abbott—including a lawsuit—to reverse his decision. Rumors (unfounded at this point) are circulating that Abbott may change his mind. Abbott must be pressured to do the right thing: keep the extended Early Voting period and allow multiple ballot drop-off locations.

Especially in light of Donald Trump contracting COVID-19, Gov. Abbott must act in the interests of public health, not far-right extremists.

One reply on “Write Your Reps! Tell Greg Abbott: Stop Suppressing Voters”

  1. Governor Abbott- It is a VIOLATION to our republic to SUPPRESS TEXANS vote. It is a SHAMEFUL attempt to stop Texan’s from decided who we choose to represent us. It is OUTRAGEOUS you are making it difficult for those of us who pay YOUR salary to exercise our CONSTITUTION DUTY to vote. It certainly is an UNCHRISTIAN ACT to OPPRESS minorities, women, handicapped, elderly and poor ability to vote. EVERY Texans I know are angry you are CHOOSING PARTY OVER, TEXAN AND OUR REPUBLIC. YOU WILL NOT DECIDE THIS ELECTION . WE THE PEOPLE WILL REGARDLESS OF YOUR ATTEMPT TO SILENCE US. I AM DISGUSTED by YOUR VIOLATION OF YOUR PLEADGE TO OUR CONSTITUTION. WE WILL NOT FORGET THIS MOMENT. YOU WILL PAY A POLITICAL COST.

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