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Vote Early, Vote Safe

Early voting begins Monday, June 29 and runs until Friday, July 10. In many counties, including Travis, you can vote at any polling location. For maximum social distancing, check on wait times to find a location with few people.

Vote Safe guidelines from League of Women Voters


In addition to primary runoff elections in the U.S. Senate, TX10, TX17, and TX31 House races, on the ballot there are also important county and TXLEGE elections.

  • TX10: Mike Siegel vs. Pritesh Gandhi (in 2018 Indivisible Austin endorsed Mike Siegel)
  • TX17: Rick Kennedy vs. David Jaramillo (in 2018 Indivisible Austin endorsed Rick Kennedy)
  • TX31: Christine Mann vs. Donna Imam (in 2018 Indivisible Austin endorsed Christine Mann)
  • Travis County Attorney: Laurie Eiserloh vs. Delia Garza
  • Travis County District Attorney: Jose Garza vs. Margaret Moore
  • Texas State Senator, special election: Sarah Eckhardt vs. Eddie Rodriguez

Chronicle Endorsements: July 14 Primary Run-off Election and Senate District 14 Special Election – News (Austin Chronicle)

More primary runoff resources

Here’s what’s being done to make in-person early voting in Texas safer during COVID-19 (KXAN)

A guide to voting in Texas during a pandemic (Progress Texas)

Texas Mail-In Ballot 101 (Progress Texas)

An ongoing timeline of Texas vote-by-mail lawsuits in the 2020 election (Progress Texas)

Listen to the “Down-ballot Frenzy” episode of Oh This World to learn more about some of these Central Texas races

Build your ballot on VOTE411.org

Ask John Cornyn about the Russian bounties on US troops: What did he know and when did he know it?

According to the New York Times, Russia has put a bounty on the heads of US soldiers serving in Afghanistan. President Trump has known about this for months, but instead of responding to protect our troops, he’s tried to hand Putin a big win, by inviting him back into the G8.

This is an obscene betrayal, even by this administration’s standard’s.

John Cornyn sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee and should have known about this. Call Cornyn’s office today and ask when the Senator first learned about Russia putting our soldiers in the crosshairs? What does he think of the President’s inaction?  What does he intend to do to protect our troops?

Senator Cornyn: 512-469-6034 or 202-224-2934

Additional ways to contact John Cornyn

Take the pledge to #FireJohnCornyn

Virtual Events

Monday, June 29

Early voting in the July 14 primary runoff begins.

Tuesday, June 30

Virtual Rally at End of SCOTUS Term

Take Back the Court, Indivisible, and Demand Justice are coming together on June 30th at the conclusion of this crucial term to fight back and press for court reform. We want to send a clear message that we are not powerless against this Court unless we allow ourselves to be.

Virtual Rally at End of SCOTUS Term – We are Not Powerless, Fight Back!

Thursday, July 2

Last day to submit an application to vote by mail in the July 14 primary runoff election. (Note: Your application must be submitted by this date, not just postmarked.)

Friday, July 10

Last day of early voting.

Tuesday, July 14

Election Day

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