Write your reps! Tell Greg Abbott: Your half-measures won’t kill COVID-19

Updated August 22, 2020

We’ve come to normalize social distancing, mask wearing, and for those of us with the privilege to do so, working from home. But let’s not forget how utterly preventable all of this was—and that Gov. Greg Abbott, who follows Trump’s lead at every opportunity, is responsible. Whether it was reopening the state too soon, undoing local ordinances, or packing his response team with wealthy donors, every step of the way we saw Texans and their families suffer because of Abbott’s actions.

Had Governor Abbott acted responsibly in the first place—as other governors did—we could have recovered more quickly. Now is his chance to show true leadership by ignoring Trump and issuing aggressive and enforceable statewide policies that stop the virus and allow the economy to thrive.

From the Statesman:

“…the governor has acted as if efforts to tamp down the coronavirus were at odds with sustaining businesses. In reality — and our disastrous Texas reopening has made clear — we can’t revive the economy without aggressively containing the virus. Businesses won’t stay open long if employees are falling ill and customers don’t feel safe coming in.”

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