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Tell Gov. Abbott: We Demand Safe Voting

The coronavirus pandemic is a public health emergency and economic crisis for Texans—and it’s also a serious threat to the state’s upcoming elections.

Write a letter to Greg Abbott demanding vote-by-mail in Texas

Tell your reps: Save the U.S. Postal Service

Not coincidentally, as vote-by-mail gains traction, Trump and the GOP are trying to gut the U.S. Postal Service. In addition to being a public utility, encoded in the Constitution, the USPS provide jobs to hundreds of thousands of Americans, including many veterans and minorities.

Call Senators Cornyn and Cruz, as well has your House representative and tell them this:

Script by Celeste Pewter

You: Hi, my name is [name], I’m calling from [zip code].

You: I’m calling because I am asking [elected] to take urgent action around USPS Postmaster General’s request for financial relief for $75 billion in the next phase of the stimulus package.

You: I think the breakdown of:

  1. $25 billion in direct funding
  2. $25 billion in “unrestricted borrowing authority from Treasury”
  3. $25 billion in grants

Needs to be considered, particularly as the USPS continues to serve the public in critical ways throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, including the delivery of urgent medical supplies and medication. They are helping frontline medical personnel with their needs and allowing the customers they serve to stay at home.

You: We need to consider their long-term future, particularly as the USPS will undoubtedly play a critical role in helping deliver a future COVID-19 vaccine to rural regions, and ensuring all individuals can take part in the democratic process of voting in upcoming primaries and this November.

You: I also want [elected] to consider the request from the last round of stimulus negotiations to eliminate the USPS’s debt around pre-funding. The USPS is an invaluable system that we cannot take for granted, and we have to take their requests for support urgently.

You: [Optional comments]

You can also write to your reps to save the USPS here

Tell Your Rep to Prioritize a Coronavirus People’s Bailout

We need to continue demanding that any coronavirus response legislation puts people’s needs ahead of corporate profits — in other words, we need a People’s Bailout.

Write your representative to demand a People’s Bailout

More info at

Congress Critter of the Week: John Cornyn

John Cornyn is at his most dangerous when he’s at his most stubborn. By aligning himself with the “get back to work, consequences be damned” faction of the Republican Party, he is putting Texans’ lives at risk.

Progress Texas has this damning video of Cornyn’s Covid-19 denialism. Lately he’s been downplaying the U.S. death rate, to which TX31 candidate Dr. Christine Eady Mann has this brilliant rebuttal:

Candidate Responses

Mike Siegel (TX10)

Rick Kennedy (TX17)

Wendy Davis (TX21)

Julie Oliver (TX25)

Dr. Christine Eady Mann (TX31)

Rep. Lloyd Doggett (TX35)

MJ Hegar (US Senate)

Royce West (US Senate)

Call for Volunteers

During the Covid-19 pandemic we’re holding weekly video calls. Now is a great time to connect with others and prepare for November.

Sign up to be an Indivisible Austin volunteer

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