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Don’t let the coronavirus threaten your right to vote

“…Trump will serve one term or three.” —Ayesha A. Siddiqi

By calling himself a “wartime president,” Trump is setting the stage to restrict constitutional rights, including the right to vote. This is a time to be vigilant and to advocate for easier access to voting, including universal vote-by-mail.

Tell Cornyn and Cruz: Support the Natural Disaster and Emergency Ballot Act (NDEBA) of 2020

Tell Greg Abbott: Keep Texas voting during the coronavirus pandemic

Statement by League of Women Voters of Texas President Grace Chimene on Election Changes Needed Needed to Deal with COVID-19

People Over Profits: Finding community and taking action to demand a people-first response to coronavirus (Indivisible Project)

2020 Update

Primary Runoff Elections (P.S. Cornyn is a racist)

Be A Texas Voter

In response to the coronavirus outbreak, the Texas primary runoffs scheduled for May 26 have been postponed to July 14; early voting will begin July 6.

At the top of the ticket will be the finalists for Senate in the Democratic primary: MJ Hegar and Royce West. As you consider your options, recall incumbent Senator John Cornyn’s racists comments last week about the spread of the coronavirus:

“China is to blame because the culture where people eat bats and snakes and dogs and things like that. These viruses are transmitted from the animal to the people, and that’s why China has been the source of a lot of these viruses like SARS, like MERS, the swine flu, and now the coronavirus.”

As multiple sources have pointed out, the statement is not only racist but factually untrue. (Neither MERS nor swine flu originated in China. Also, plenty of Texans eat snakes.)

Read: How to Respond to Coronavirus Racism (Teaching Tolerance)

While Cornyn goes on racist rants, his potential opponents are working to solve actual problems.

Donate to MJ Hegar

Donate to Royce West

Congress Critters of the Week: Chip Roy

While the coronavirus threatens to devastate our health and economy, Rep. Chop Roy—one of six Texans to vote against the coronavirus relief bill, a distinction he shares with the iminitably stupid Louie Gohmert—is tweeting nonsense about toilet paper and plastic straws. Please give everything you can to his opponent, Wendy Davis. We cannot be rid of this clown soon enough.

Chip Roy dumb joke about free toilet paper for all

Coronavirus Resource Roundup

10 Ways to Help Your Fellow Texans Endure the Coronavirus Pandemic (Texas Observer)

Make an appointment to donate blood or contribute money to We Are Blood

More from the national Indivisible team:

What to Tell Your MoCs to Do About Coronavirus: Call your representative and two senators and tell them that the third coronavirus package must include vote by mail, direct cash assistance, no unaccountable corporate bailouts, and stronger economic supports for workers and families!

Ensuring Safe, Secure Elections Resource: We can’t let this public health crisis impede the functioning of our democratic processes. That’s why we’re recommending states start now to build alternatives to in-person voting so that nothing will put the administration of the November presidential election at risk.

For digital activism:

Free Premium Google Hangouts: Google is offering free premium features for all customers through July 1st — this increases the participant limit to 250.

Google Hangout Guide for Hosts – This is a quick step by step guide for setting up and hosting a Google Hangout

Google Hangout Guide for Newbies – This is a quick step by step guide for attending a Google Hangout

Recorded Zoom Training: Recording of training about hosting a Zoom meeting. (h/t Aram Fischer, Indivisible leader in CA)

Zoom instructional videos from Zoom: Short videos from Zoom with everything you need to get started.

Host a Facebook Watch Party: Learn how to host a watch party in a Facebook group.

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