Write Your Reps! Demand your Senators support a fair and open impeachment trial

Remind your Senators of the oath that they took to support and defend the Constitution and demand they support a fair and open trial in the Senate to fully hear the evidence and hold Trump accountable for his actions. If they don’t, they’ll become accomplices in Donald Trump’s coverup.

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  1. Dear Senators ,
    I ask what you are doing bearing evidence?
    Why we are not hearing evidence and witnesses in what you call a trial? Why is our Kentucky senators and state representatives want to cover up facts and proof and witnesses?
    I as one of your voters I ask and demand for live up to your oaths!! So I want see this impeachment trial be fair and let’s hear all it!! Don’t put a time line on because President thinks he owns you and our state.
    We as Americans want this . Not two different parties. So do you remember your oaths??
    I don’t like way You Kentucky senators are destroying our Constitution!! Our freedom !

    Thank you if you will listen.

    Paul Boehman

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