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Are you a potential plaintiff in a lawsuit for voting rights?

Texas Civil Rights Project is seeking plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the State of Texas (DPS and the Secretary of State, specifically) for failing to comply with the National Voter Registration Act. The law requires Texas to provide voter registration to people when they get or update their drivers’ license.

Potential plaintiff description: the person is (1) a Texas resident who is eligible to register to vote, (2) has recently moved from one Texas county to another Texas county, (3) has either not yet updated their drivers’ license address or has recently updated their drivers’ license address online, AND (4) has not yet updated their voter registration/or is unregistered to vote. Also, ideally, the person would meet (1)-(4) AND (5) know that they are going to move again in the near future (next 1-5 years).

If you know (or know of) anyone who meets the above description and they are interested in being connected with us, contact Beth Stevens at Texas Civil Right Project (

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Sign up for the Austin impeachment rally & ask your reps #OneSimpleQuestion about impeachment

Impeach and Remove

NOTE: The impeachment rally at Austin City Hall is planned to take place the day before the House floor vote to pass articles of impeachment for Donald Trump. That vote is not yet scheduled—but you can still sign up!

Ask your reps #OneSimpleQuestion: “Do you think it’s OK to ask a foreign power to interfere in our elections?”

We know – there’s lots of breaking news every day and it’s confusing! Here’s all you need to know:

  • Trump pushed Ukraine to interfere in our 2020 elections.
  • He used US military aid to pressure them to dig up dirt on his political opponent.
  • Then, he tried to cover it up.
  • If the average person did this, they’d go to jail.

No matter what else we learn, or what desperate tactics Trump tries to use to distract, the facts here are what matters. It’s critical that Congress move forward with impeachment because nobody is above the law.

Make Calls to Ensure a Fair and Open Impeachment Trial in the Senate

Send a letter to Cornyn, Cruz, and your Congressman asking this #OneSimpleQuestion


Monday, December 9

Film screening: “Ay Mariposa”

7 p.m. at Galaxy Highland Theater, 6700 Middle Fiskville Rd

Austin Border Relief is pleased to host a screening of Ay Mariposa, a documentary film about two women and a rare community of butterflies standing on the front lines in a battle against the US-Mexico border wall. Featuring a Q&A with Zulema Hernandez, human rights activist; Marianna Treviño Wright, director of the National Butterfly Center; and Paul Sanchez-Navarro of Defenders of Wildlife—with Gus Bova of the Texas Observer

Please RSVP to reserve your seat! To RSVP, please send a message to Austin Border Relief and you will receive a confirmation reply of your reservation.

A suggested $10 donation will be so appreciated.

LOCATION: Galaxy Theater

Tuesday, December 10

Indivisible Texas U.S. Senate Candidate Issue Forum (Houston)

7 p.m. at Lillygrove Baptist Church, 7034 Tierwester Street, Houston, Texas.

Join Statewide Indivisibles and Indivisible Houston right here in our hometown for a Senate Candidate Forum featuring Democratic primary candidates for Senate, moderated by Patrick Svitek of the Texas Tribune.

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Thursday, December 12

Forum on the Latino Family Agenda in Texas

11:30 a.m. at Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center (MACC) Raul Salinas Community Room, 600 River St.

Hosted by Unidos US Action Fund and the Center for Public Policy Priorities

A wide network of affiliates, allied partners and local elected officials have been invited for this roundtable discussion. Lunch provided.

RSVP on Eventbrite

Sunday, December 15

Medicare for all & How we Win It

1 to 4 p.m. at North Door Austin, 502 Brushy St.

Join us to talk about the answer to that question as well as the question of how we overcome the barriers to winning health justice in this country. We’ll be joined by a phenomenal panel of speakers including:

  • Amy Vilela: 2018 congressional candidate in District NV-4 featured in Netflix original documentary  “Knock Down the House” alongside AOC. Amy continues to organize in the fight for health justice, speaking about the need for M4A.
  • Sofia Sepulveda: San Antonio activist who mobilized her community to win Paid Sick Days in her city and organizes in Texas for M4A.
  • Tim Faust: Author of “Health Justice Now: Single Payer and What Comes Next” who traveled the country on a tour to speak to working class audiences about M4A.
  • Louis Malfaro: Former president of Education Austin, the Austin Federation of Teachers, & Texas AFT who organizes for M4A with the Debs Jones Douglass Institute.

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Congress Critter of the Week: Michael McCaul (again)

Rep. McCaul, from his perch on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, signed a letter demanding that House Democrats focus on “meaningful legislation” rather than the “political charade” of impeachment. He fails to acknowledge that the Democratic-controlled House has passed or agreed to 389 bills and 151 resolutions—including restoration of the Voting Rights Act, which McCaul voted against.




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