“We stuck together like neighbors are supposed to do.” | How your voices are making a difference

No doubt you’ve read plenty about Mueller’s testimony before Congress this past week, so we won’t rehash it here—but watch Donny deny things Mueller clearly said in this video comparison.

Major automakers bypassed the White House’s resistance to upholding higher standards for gas mileage in vehicles by secretly negotiating a climate deal with California to limit vehicle emissions.

A House congressional committee voted to authorize subpoenas for all White House work communications sent via personal email and cellphone, expanding a probe into violations of government laws regarding record-keeping.

federal judge in California halted the Mentally Deranged Dotard’s latest asylum ban—the third such judicial block, if you’re counting.

Social and Civil Rights Advances

New Hampshire passed a law requiring free feminine-hygiene products in public schools. (And check out the picture of activists, school representatives, and lawmakers present—THAT’S what a roomful of people making laws about women’s bodies should look like.)

Two Louisiana police officers were fired after one posted and one liked a Facebook post suggesting AOC should be shot: “needs a round…and I don’t mean the kind she used to serve.” Their police chief called their behavior “an embarrassment” to the department, “alluding to a violent act be conducted against a sitting U.S. [congresswoman], a member of our government [and] we are not going to tolerate that.”

So far this year Texas has generated more electricity from wind than coal for the first time ever.

Your Feel-good Stories of the Week

Hope you didn’t miss this hilarious image of Don John obliviously standing in front of a fake presidential seal, created by a former Republican disgusted with the Very Stable Genius, which featured a version of the Russian Federation coat of arms and a set of golf clubs, as well as the slogan, in Spanish where the Latin “E Pluribus Unum” usually is, “The president is a puppet.”

Nashville residents spontaneously banded together to prevent ICE officers from deporting a longtime member of their community: ““We stuck together like neighbors are supposed to do.”

People can be wonderful.

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