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Seventeen automakers, including Ford, Volvo, GM, and Toyota, signed a letter asking the Mentally Deranged Dotard not to roll back Obama-era auto pollution regulations, promising “an extended period of litigation and instability” if he does.

Republicans Finding a Spine

A bipartisan group of senators has introduced more than a dozen bills intended to block Donald’s sales of arms to Saudi Arabia, which Donald has continued despite the civilian death toll of the Saudi-led war in Yemen and the Saudi prince’s orchestration of the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

The Pentagon told the White House to stop politicizing the military after Donny’s aides ordered the USS John McCain’s ship name covered while he was visiting troops, to shield his tiny ego from recognizing the honors bestowed on an honorable man the Very Stable Genius can’t hope to measure up to.

The House in Da House

The House passed an immigration bill to protect Dreamers, with seven yes votes actually coming from Republicans. It will of course be killed in the Senate by Mitch McConnell, the man who undermines democracy.

Republicans Against the Law (and Ethics)

Dept. of Treasury secretary (and wife of hypocrite and democracy blocker Mitch McConnell) Elaine Chao is trouble, y’all, for trying to include family members with a shipping business in meetings with Chinese government officials. Ethics watchdogs are investigating.

Trump Tower in Uruguay joins the numerous Trump properties that are flailing under the Trump Co management and name.

The owners of Trump Panama are accusing the Trump Organization of evading taxes and falsifying finances. (It’s almost like it’s a pattern!)

Social and Civil Rights Advances

Apparently the State Department forbade embassy requests to fly the rainbow Pride flag for Pride month—but they are doing it anyway. And outside the British embassy in DC s a Union Jack in Pride colors—mere blocks away from the house of the vice president.

In a recent poll, 77 percent of Americans want the Supreme Court to uphold Roe v. Wade—a mere 13 percent want to see it overturned; “6% say they would like to see it remain in place, but with more restrictions added; 21% want to see Roe expanded to establish the right to abortion under any circumstance; 16% want to keep it the way it is; and 14% want to see some of the restrictions allowed under Roe reduced. Just 13% overall say it should be overturned.”

Netflix became the first network to announce that if the restrictive abortion bans enacted in Georgia become law, they will pull productions from the state.

YouTube announced it’s removing hate-speech content, including those from white supremacists, and videos that claim the Holocaust and Sandy Hook were hoaxes. Ted Cruz is pissed.

The episode of the PBS children’s show Arthur that was pulled from public television in Alabama for featuring a same-sex wedding will be shown in the state after all—in a screening put on by at a local Methodist church.

Colorado banned convicted animal abusers from owning pets for five years.

New York voted to ban declawing cats.

Amid Don John losing his tiny mind about brown people coming into our country, Business Insider reports that more people in the U.S. are moving to Mexico than the other way around.

Your Feel-good stories of the Week

This here is what we call karma.

And so is this: Paul Manafort is headed for Rikers Island.

And this: The Fort Worth teacher who tweeted Don John to ask him to remove illegals from her classroom—and who has a history of prejudicial behavior and comments toward students—has been fired.

The UK trolled Donald mercilessly on his recent visit. Mercilessly. I mean trolled like no one but the Brits can. And then karma bit delightfully again.

America ranked Barack Obama as the greatest president of our lifetimes. Boom.

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