To the Texas SOS: Bye, Felicia | How your voice are making a difference

Mueller spoke to directly contradict Donald’s repeated assertions that he was completely exonerated and there was “no collusion.” (Donny even made some posters to say so, just like a second-grader!): “If we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so.” Mueller flat-out said.

A growing number of House Democrats—and even one Republican—are ready to begin impeachment proceedings (AKA “the i-word,” if you are Donald and struggle with multisyllabic words.)

Meanwhile Donny boy finally admitted Russia put him in the White House, although he tweeted that he had “nothing to do with Russia helping me get elected.”

Republicans Against the Law

federal judge rejected Don John’s request to begin building his compensatory border wall while the administration awaits appeal on a previous judgment that found the funds weren’t properly authorized by Congress and therefore couldn’t be used.

Along with a Don John reelection PAC, Mar-A-Lago—another failing Donald property kept afloat by the American taxpayer—got slapped with a federal subpoena for records pertaining to the GOP donor at the center of recent arrests for prostitution—at one of her chain of “massage parlors”—who was recently indicted for peddling access to the Mentally Deranged Dotard, and possibly foreign campaign donations.

A judge granted Planned Parenthood’s request for a temporary restraining order against Missouri, preventing the state from closing down its sole remaining abortion clinic last week.

Republicans are grappling with the evidence from one of their own that recent GOP attempts to add a citizenship questions are deliberately intended to create an electoral advantage for “Republicans and Non-Hispanic Whites” at the expense of all other voters…despite the GOP’s protestations of same. THAT now-public information should weigh in interestingly as the Supreme Court considers the question.

Karmic Comeuppance

The Texas Secretary of State who tried to fan up outrage and purge the voter rolls of “noncitizens” voting—information that turned out to be rife with errors—is out of a job. Bye, Felicia.

Senator and Donald toady Lindsey Graham got schooled hard—on FOX News, no less, by Chris Wallace—about his own hypocrisy regarding a president ignoring subpoenas from Congress. Wallace played Graham clips of 1998 Graham.

Social and Civil Rights Advances

Nineteen discriminatory anti-LGBTQ proposed bills were shot down in this session of the Texas lege, thanks to the efforts of LGBTQ activists and allies.

The People Taking Action

It isn’t only their businesses that states are hurting with their draconian and illegal anti-abortion laws—now students are rejecting colleges in those states as well.

Tech giant Salesforce has enacted a policy of refusing to provide e-commerce software to retailers who sell semiautomatic and other weapons.

In Italy, the government announced plans to revoke plans for white supremacist (and bloviating hate-pustule) Steve Bannon to use a medieval monastery to foment his white supremacist message to create “right-wing culture warriors” (aka, more white supremacists).

Your Feel-Good Stories of the Week

In the unlikeliest pairing since Lilo and Stitch, Alexandra Ocasio Cortez is teaming up with—wait for it!—Ted Cruz in efforts to prevent legislators from becoming lobbyists. Perhaps, like Lilo, AOC will manage to help Cruz discover the meaning of compassion.

Apparently following the whiz-bang branding acumen of the multiply (and morally!) bankrupted Very Stable Genius, the Department of Energy recently issued a communique in which it tried to rebrand fossil fuel as “molecules of U.S. freedom.” LOLOLOL!! No, I’m serious!

Meanwhile, the Commander of Cheese is a joke absolutely everywhere, as this hilarious (but sad…SAD!) Australian Onion-style spoof makes clear.

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