Chip Roy tweeted 48 times about everything except his vote on #VAWA19

Originally posted on Facebook by Cari Marshall. Reposted with permission. 

This past Thursday, the U.S. House voted to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act. The updated law would enable law enforcement to take away the guns of dating partners or stalkers convicted of abuse – closing the “boyfriend loophole.” (Under current federal law, only those convicted of abusing a spouse, a co-parent, or live-in partner can have his guns taken away.)

The National Rifle Association sought to block the act’s renewal because of this provision.

Nearly half of murdered women in this country were killed by a current or former domestic partner (usually by gun).

My ultimate point here, the one that makes me REALLY ANGRY, is that not only did my Rep Chip Roy vote NAY, he didn’t even bother to make a public statement about it (someone please correct me if I’m wrong!). But he’s quite proud of his NRA endorsement.

Chip Roy

Chip was VERY active on Twitter that day on the following subjects:

  • Repealing the ACA: 14 TIMES!!!
  • Music: 2x
  • The benefits of C02:
  • Winston Churchill in Tunisia in 1943:
  • How to more quickly deport someone (sourced from Breitbart)
  • Golf: 3x
  • Retweeting a Texas Tribune piece about the strain on shelters at the border, totally misconstruing the headline
  • Closing immigration processing at the border: 2x
  • Something about how little he sleeps
  • Baseball: 5x
  • Some guy Trump hired
  • Retweet of Cornyn’s “puppet masters” statement
  • Meth seizure at the border
  • Yemeni civil war
  • A re-tweet thanking fossil fuels for keeping your fridge & pantry full (for real!)
  • UT swimming and diving
  • Basketball: 2x
  • MS 13 gangs in Maryland
  • Wendy Davis running in #TX21: 2x
  • Chastising the idiot who retweeted the McConnell tripping video: 3x
  • Something random that I didn’t understand
  • John Wayne
  • Bluebonnets

If my count is right, that’s 48 tweets/retweets in one day, and not one mention of the #VAWA. I hate gerrymandering with such a burning passion for putting me in the district of this guy.

Want to see how your Rep voted?

Update: This was oblique but there you have it:

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