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After the speaker of the House engineered the reopening of the government shutdown by Donald’s tantrum over his compensatory wall, Nancy Pelosi’s opening bid in the renewed wall negotiations is…zero. 😀

Meanwhile, perhaps anticipating another tantrum by the toddler-in-chief, a bipartisan group of senators has introduced legislation that would withhold salary from the president, vice president, and Congress during any government shutdown.

While the GOP works hard to disallow immigrants from our country, Now This dug up Republican hero Ronald Reagan’s touching final speech as president, in which he spoke almost exclusively on the value of immigrants to our country, and the reliance of American on them to make our country as great as it is. GOP: Discuss.

By way of comparison, here’s how the current GOP treats people seeking a better life in our country, ICE set up a fake university and then used it to sting undocumented immigrants who expressed interest in pursuing an education.

Checking the Commander of Cheese

In a report to Congress this past week, U.S. intelligence heads—all of whom were appointed by the very stable genius himself—directly negated Individual 1’s stances on everything from ISIS to Russia to North Korea. Don John, of course, feels he knows better than these trained intelligence experts, tweeting that they should “go back to school!”

But Mitch McConnell led a congressional rebuke of Donny’s uninformed, impulsive plans to remove troops from Syria and Afghanistan with the votes of a vast swatch of Republican senators. Of course, McConnell also called a proposal to make Election Day a federal holiday a “power grab” by Democrats, thus admitting that if we encourage people to vote, Republicans won’t stay in power very long. That’s the GOP way—suppress votes and gerrymander so they can steal elections, since they seem to believe they can’t win them.


After recent stories that show Donald deliberately concealed translator notes about his previous meetings with Putin, the Financial Times revealed that Don John again met with his puppetmaster—aka the leader of our country’s greatest adversary—at last November’s G20 summit with no official present.

The NRA has been busily denying that their 2015 trip to Russia to meet with senior Kremlin officials was an official organization function—but recent evidence uncovered shows the NRA’s extensive involvement in organizing the trip for high-level members, including the participation of recently alleged Russian agent Maria Butina. Recall that during his campaign, Donald was heavily funded by and a featured speaker for the gun-activist group, and that Butina’s efforts to infiltrate the NRA as part of a covert influence operation in the United States have come to light in court filings by U.S. prosecutors.

Media Wising Up

CNN and MSNBC chose to no longer give the liar-in-chief’s public-facing liar a forum, skipping Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s latest “briefing.”

After Donald—who decries the major news outlets while desperately courting their attention—requested a private, “off-the-record” meeting with NYTimes publisher A. G. Sulzberger, Sulzberger wisely declined—but counteroffered an on-the-record interview, with two other top NYTimes reporters in the room. The result is Donald’s usual word salad of lies and empty boasting, worth a read if you just can’t get enough of that sort of thing.


Ooh, girl—Chris Christie is ready to throw DOWN with Jared Kushner, smack-talking his daddy, whom Christie helped sent to jail, as “loathsome” and “disgusting.” It’s on, Jared—your move.

The woman who outed Donald’s hotel businesses for not only hiring, but actively helping to procure false documentation for undocumented employees will be present at the mentally deranged dotard’s SoTU propaganda this Tuesday.

Social and Civil Rights Advances

Parents Magazine featuring same-sex couple and baby

Parents magazine featured its first same-sex couple/family on their cover.

The Pakistan Supreme Court upheld the acquittal of a woman who had been on death row for eight years—death row, people—for accusations of blasphemy against Islam. Hardline religious zealots protested the decision in the streets—let that sink in: religious fanatics who believe that violating their religious beliefs deserves death. Remind you of any evangelical Christians “pro-lifers”?

Your Feel-good Stories of the Week

Gosh, who could possibly have foreseen THIS?!

Donald’s former pastor god-trolled him.

It’s wrong…but it’s freaking hilarious.

In case you need a reminder of how wonderful humans can be.

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  1. Thanks for posting. Our Potus continues to rain down lies, hatred and injustice. I don’t want to become or have all of us become numb – just because every week it seems to be a more disgusting affront to democratic values and human decency. So I applaud these posts

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