Take Action Newsletter: End the shutdown; free a detained Afghan interpreter; Austin Women’s Rally; Fire John Cornyn!

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Calls to Make

Call Cruz and Cornyn about…

The shutdown and border wall

Trumps siad he woud be the one to shut down government over wall and he did. Source: indivisible.org

“Mess with Texas!”

“Fence me in!”

That is the message our senators are telling President Trump over the stupid, unworkable border wall. Cruz and Cornyn joined the president last week in McAllen, and pretended that they hadn’t just spent two years fully in control of the government. Instead they now blame Democrats for failing to fund “border security.” This is all such a sham that it’s hard to even write about. But people are suffering and it’s important to make our voices heard.

Tell Cruz and Cornyn:

  • To pressure Leader McConnell to allow a floor vote on the spending bills that have passed the House. (Remember the Senate unanimously voted to fund the government just days before the shutdown.)
  • To provide back pay to both federal employees and contractors
  • A declaration of emergency on false pretenses would be grounds for impeachment
  • Redirecting funds from Harvey recovery and other actual emergencies is a nonstarter—and we expect senators from Texas to fight for Harvey survivors. (Cornyn says he is, but what about people in Puerto Rico? Florida? California?)

You can also write a letter to the editor about the shutdown.

Call John Cornyn about…

Intervening on behalf of the Afghan interpreter currently detained in Houston

An Afghan interpreter—who assisted U.S. troops—and his family were detained at Houston’s George Bush airport and threatened with deportation. The given reason was that they had opened an envelope of paperwork that was supposed to remain sealed. The interpreter’s family has been released, but he remains in custody, and all of the privileges afforded their refugee status—including their visas—have been revoked.

On Dec. 24, John Cornyn tweeted a link to a Daily Caller article with the headline “Afghan And Iraqi Interpreters Risk Death, Wait Years For Legal US Visas While Migrant Caravan Demands Immediate Entrance.”

If Sen. Cornyn is serious about his support for Afghan interpreters, he should join Reps. Al Green, Sheila Jackson Lee, Joaquin Castro, and Lloyd Doggett to intervene and correct this injustice.

This story developed over the weekend and may have changed by the time you read this. Follow RAICES on Twitter or Facebook for the latest.

Call your House rep about…

Contractor back pay

HR 339 has 30 cosponsors (none from Central Texas, though!) and should proceed to a vote. This letter from Sen. Chris van Hollen (D-MD) has some good language to borrow when you call.

If you are in TX21—Chip Roy’s district…

Rep. Chip Roy was one of one of only seven Republicans who voted No on providing back pay to furloughed government workers.

How your voices are making a difference

The new Democratic majority in the House…

  • Introduced legislation to require background checks on all gun sales.
  • Forced the GOP to own the government shutdown
  • Forced treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin to explain why he lifted sanctions on three Russian companies

Read “The walls are closing in | How your voices are making a difference”

Fire John Cornyn!

Fire John Cornyn!Enjoy the latest posts on senatorjohncornyn.com:

Take the pledge to fire John Cornyn


Saturday, Jan. 19

Austin Women’s Rally 2019

Austin Women's Rally January 19, 2019

Indivisible Austin will have a table at the annual Austin Women’s Rally, which takes place at the Capitol from 2 to 5 p.m. This rally is for the general public to gather in support for women, in their fight for equality and equity. This rally is an expansion upon the annual Texas Reproductive Rights Rally, as it coincides with the date of that event.

Full statement: Join the Austin Women’s Rally on January 19

Funding the Fight

Even with the House flipping, it feels like everything is getting more chaotic.

The fear of accountability seems to have ratcheted up the cruelty and incompetence to new heights. That’s why having voices consistently, steadily pushing us forward, keeping an eye out for inflection points where real differences can be made, is so important.

That’s why Indivisible Austin is here, to keep us moving forward together, with our eyes open. Be a part of that work. Make a gift today.

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