Panicked Twitter effluvia | How your voices are making a difference

Not much news during this holiday week, and while 2018 shall go in the annals as another stage in the shitshow of this presidency, there’s still much to feel hopeful about.

As the year ends, Donny is in hiding but for his panicked Twitter effluvia as he finds himself backed ever tighter into a corner of his own making, between Mueller’s tightening noose (and here’s hoping that if there really is a naked selfie, we need never scorch our eyes with it); the state-level investigations against Individual 1, his companies and “charity,” and his finances (like the recent news that the New Jersey attorney general is investigating evidence that a supervisor at one of Donny’s hotels knowingly broke the law in procuring false documentation for undocumented immigrants working at the facility.); and Don John’s ill-advised doubling down on appealing to his dwindling base with stunts like the government shutdown and the advice to furloughed workers that they should offer painting and carpentry work to their landlords in place of rent during the shutdown he already owned in full despite his recent attempts to distance himself.

In other news of the resistance holding the line against Republican corruption, incoming House majority leader Steny Hoyer announced that the House will not seat the North Carolina Republican currently under investigation for fraudulent election practices. And acting AG Matthew Whittaker was revealed to have lied on his resume and government documents to claim All-American academic honors he doesn’t have.

That’s it for this (relatively) quiet New Year’s lead-up week, warriors. Open the champagne tonight—but make sure to save one good bottle…. I have a strong suspicion we’ll have more to celebrate before long.

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