Texas House and Senate Endorsements

Indivisible Austin is proud to endorse the following #txlege candidates for Texas House and Senate seats.

Indivisible Austin considered all the state House and Senate races that cover the five counties that touch the greater Austin area, resulting in the list of candidates you see here. We did not include races that are uncontested. These candidates are promising to fight on some very important issues next session: public school funding (arguably everyone’s top issue), Medicaid expansion, stronger gun safety laws, resisting legislative power grabs against local control, and civil rights protections. Redistricting is still a few years down the line, but we’re already thinking about that. Until we have more balanced representation in the Texas House, we’ll have no chance at fair maps that give everyone in Texas an equal voice with their vote.

Double-check your Texas House and Senate districts here.

  • HD17 Michelle Ryan
  • HD45 Erin Zwiener
  • HD46 Sheryl Cole
  • HD47 Vikki Goodwin
  • HD49 Gina Hinojosa (incumbent)
  • HD52 James Talarico
  • HD136 John Bucy
  • SD5 Meg Walsh
  • SD14 Kirk Watson (incumbent)
  • SD25 Steve Kling

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