Tell John Cornyn, Ted Cruz, and Greg Abbott to Cancel their NRA Convention Speeches

Ted Cruz, John Cornyn, Greg AbbottPictured: NRA Tools

Arguably the three most powerful politicians in Texas (was Dan Patrick not available?) are joining Vice President Mike Pence at the annual convention of the NRA in Dallas May 3-6.

It’s time to call BS on our elected representatives, for not representing our interests. The NRA represents gun manufacturers, not gun owners, not citizens, and definitely not Texans. We stand with the majority of Americans, including gun owners, in demanding commonsense gun legislation.

Why are our two senators and our governor to beholden to the NRA that they would speak at their convention—despite (or perhaps because of?) the massive nationwide backlash against what is essentially a domestic terrorist organization. Their presence at the convention is insulting to victims of gun violence and to all Texans. Remind Cruz and Abbott that this is an election year for them, and for Cornyn in 2020, and that you’re paying attention to their sleazy alliance with gun lobbyists.

Sample, perhaps overly polite script:

It’s disappointing that you continue to align yourself with the gun lobby by speaking at the NRA convention in Dallas. Most gun owners want common sense gun control; the NRA’s only mission is to sell more guns.

In the wake of preventable shootings in Texas, Florida, and every other state, I hope you will reconsider your attendance at the convention.

Voters are paying attention to who your friends are.

And if you’re in the Dallas area, protests begin at noon at City Hall Plaza on May 5th. And Indivisible Women Tarrant County is holding a die-in the night before.

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  1. Your attendance at NRA convention in Dallas TX is further evidence of your subservience to NRA dollars. Texas voters are watching your actions.

  2. With so many mass shootings lately including here at home, I am appalled that you would even consider speaking at the NRA convention. It is time to get some morals.

  3. Your endorsement of the NRA speaks volumes about what you truly value – your big donors, not human lives. All three of you are a disgrace to the positions you hold and a disappointment to Texans you pledged to represent. We deserve better.

  4. It is so clear you are all bought and paid for by this group of gun manufacturer lobbyists; an organization that has accepted Russian money. You do not work for your constituents or this country but only those mega donors who line your pockets. Disgraceful.

  5. By the time they speak, it will not even be a full six months since the Sutherland shooting in Texas.

    The evidence is mounting that the NRA money paid into their campaigns came from Russia.

    Supporting the NRA is in no way consistent with Pro-Life.

  6. Do not reward the NRA by speaking to their convention until the NRA starts supporting the gun safety laws that most Americans want. You should be working to enact such safety laws, and then you can brag about your F grade from the NRA which would prove you care more about our lives than NEA campaign donations.

  7. I am shocked that you choose to align yourselves with the NRA given their obstructionist policies to common sense gun laws. As a member of Mom’s Demand Action and of Indivisible, I ask that you pull out of this highly charged marketing event for the gun manufacturers of America. This is a particular slap in the face to the Texans in Sutherland still recovering from the loss of their families. Please stand up to the NRA and manufacturers before another shooting occurs. The reality is that you could put laws in place TOMORROW that reduced the number of gun deaths, if you wanted to protect the citizens of this State instead of the organization that pays for your campaigns. Shame on you.

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