Send Out the Clowns!

Participants in the second annual “March 4 Trump” in Austin were met with the scariest form of resistance: clowns.

Calling themselves the LOLt-Right Marching Band, these clowns showed up with costumes and kazoos to confuse and roast the Trump supporters. Fun fact: these clowns were trained in nonviolent, de-escalation tactics to help people channel their energy in safe and affirming ways in the face of hatred.

You can follow these clowns’ shenanigans on Twitter: @loltrightband. And support the Clown Resistance through their GoFundMe page.

Two clowns in front of the Austin capitol

Ban Muslin banner

Clowns in front of the Capitol

Bubble Blowing clown on the Capitol

Animated GIF of a bubble-blowing clown

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  1. A big a-OOOGAH Thank You! to the LOLt-Right Marching Band! Y’all made us smile at a pro-Trump event on a drizzly afternoon. Who’d a thunk it?

  2. I saw an announcement on Facebook of an event on Saturday from 2-6 pm by the group Auntiefa. It touched something deep inside me. I need to bake cookies and give them to angry, shouty people.
    Please tell me this event is real.

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