Take Action: Here’s what you need to do every single day until the final tax plan vote

Week of December 4, 2017

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Here’s what you need to do every single day until the final tax plan vote

Thank you to Celeste Pewter for these scripts and other information.

Call Sens. Cornyn and Cruz and give them hell for tax bill vote

Send the following message:

  • I’m calling to let you know I oppose your vote on the tax bill
  • The vote was on a bill still being written just hours before the vote, it will add $1.5 trillion to the deficit, permanently benefiting corporations while negatively impacting individuals and families and destabilizing the health insurance market.
  • The vast majority of American and your constituents do not want this bill.
  • Do not continue to rush this bill through. Return to regular order.

Call your House member and let them know they are on notice!

  • I’m calling to let you know I’m opposed to both the House and Senate versions of the bill as they currently stand.
  • This bill contains many provisions that are damaging for individuals and families (share the ones that impact you most).
  • Don not continue to rush this bill through the conference committee–return to regular order.

And call your state rep and senator! Who represents me?

The tax bill will have implications for the state budget! Call your Texas state representative (use the link above to find yours if you don’t know) and senator (Kirk Watson for most in the Austin area) and ask them to go on the record in opposition to the tax bill. We don’t have any specific details yet on impacts to the Texas budget, but as soon as we have them we’ll share.

THURSDAY: Protest at City Hall 5:30 p.m. >>

The government has to get funded by 12/8 or shut down. It’s the last chance to fund CHIP before kids across the country get kicked off their health insurance.

We’ve shared a lot in the past about the impact the government’s total and complete failure to ensure millions of children don’t get kicked off their health insurance.

This is at the final, most crucial moment–if CHIP isn’t included in the end-of-year government funding bill, all those children will get insurance termination notices. That’s a big, ugly piece of coal in the stocking.

Call your representative and both senators and demand a bipartisan CHIP funding solution NOW. 400,000 Texas kids are at risk.

30+ Texas groups send URGENT CHIP letter to Washington >>

Tell Congress: The clock is ticking for 800,000 DREAMers

Congress needs to pass a government funding bill this week – and the DREAM Act must be part of that bill. There is bipartisan support for the Dream Act in both the Senate and House, and this is our last chance this year to protect DREAMers from Trump’s deportation machine. We’re down to the wire on getting the DREAM Act passed by the end of the year and protecting the futures of 800,000 young adults.

Call Sens. Cornyn and Cruz and your House member and demand that they protect Dreamers and end the uncertainty NOW.

Help Get Out the Vote in Alabama!

Alabama is winnable. The race is tied. And as we saw in Virginia last month, progressives are mobilizing in huge numbers. But it takes work—and you can help from your home in Texas.

Find your Facebook friends in Alabama. Write a postcard. Get Alabamians to VOTE on December 12th. >>


Thursday, 5:30 pm, City Hall

Save the date and time. Meet at City Hall for a community action to protest the immoral tax bill.

Monday, December 4

6:55 p.m. Bill Flores Tele-Town Hall. If you live in TX-17, join Rep. Bill Flores’s tele-Town Hall and give him an earful about the tax bill. Questions will be screened in advance, so plan accordingly.

7 p.m. ATX 25 East Weekly Meeting, Memorial United Methodist Church, 6100 Berkman Dr.

Tuesday, December 5

Various times – Monthly Deputy Voter Registrar Training, Travis County Tax Office – Main, 5501 Airport Blvd. For further information or to schedule a group training, call (512) 854-9473

6:30 p.m. Special Meeting – Public Safety and Austin Police Contract, Cepeda Branch, Austin Public Library. Hosted by Austin Justice Coaltions.

Thursday, December 7

5:30 p.m. Meet at City Hall for a community action to protest the immoral tax bill.

Saturday, December 9

10 a.m. Unlearning Circle: Cultural Norms of Whiteness, Wildflower Church, 1314 E. Oltorf. Hosted by Undoing White Supremacy Austin.


December 14th, 4 p.m., Urge City Council: Vote NO to Another WEAK Police Union Contract, Austin City Hall. Hosted by Austin Justice Coalition.

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