How Your Voices Made a Difference: Half-Baked, Spurious Nationalism

Congress is stepping up to fill the gap of leadership in Donald’s abdication of responsibility regarding Americans’ health care with a bipartisan plan to fund the critical government subsidies to insurance companies that will keep Americans covered and stabilize the health insurance market in the wake of Donny’s attempts to sabotage it, regardless of the effect on American lives. Donny supports it, then denies that, then condemns it, but some in Congress are trying to move forward to protect Americans’ health care in the face of this administration’s efforts to destroy it.

Two federal judges have yet again blocked Don John’s latest unconstitutional travel ban, stating Donny’s own tweets show it’s unconstitutionally aimed at Muslims.

Public outcry caused Rep. Tom Marino (R-Pa.) to withdraw from Donny’s nomination for him to lead the Office of National Drug Control Policy after he was reported to have been involved with lobbying efforts to weaken DEA’s ability to fight drug distributors. As a House Rep he helped Congress effectively strip the Drug Enforcement Administration of its most potent weapon against large drug companies suspected of spilling prescription narcotics (opioids) onto the nation’s streets.

Influential public figures are speaking out louder and louder against Donny and his corrupt administration (despite the delusional Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s laughable denials). John McCain made some pointed comments against the current administration, Donny in particular, and its shortcomings, like “half-baked, spurious nationalism” and “people who would rather find scapegoats than solve problems” in a world where “leadership and ideals are absent.” He and Joe Biden, longtime friends but often on opposite sides of the foreign policy divide, are teaming up to fight against those who want the U.S. to withdraw from global leadership, giving rise to the hope that decency and a common respect for our country despite party lines will yet triumph over the appalling lack of all of that currently in the White House. Even George W. Bush seems to have broken his silence about this administration, in a not-very-veiled speech pointedly condemning hypernationalism, white supremacy, lies, targeting of Muslims, and authoritarianism. And at a Virginia rally President Barack Obama spoke out against the politics of division, “folks who are deliberately trying to make folks angry, to demonize people who have different ideas, to get the base all riled up because it provides a short-term tactical advantage.” We must continue to speak up as well—one fire ant is a nuisance, but thousands are a force capable of toppling any Goliath.

Backlash continues against (another one of) Donald’s lies—that President Obama didn’t call the families of fallen soldiers. In response, a host of high-placed former officials are calling out the lie for what it is: from a former U.S. attorney general, an army general and chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, and a former deputy head of national security—not to mention a flurry of firsthand Twitter denials. And despite the despicable Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s authoritarian claim that it’s “inappropriate” to question a four-star general, many are doing just that in disproving his own lies about Congresswoman Frederica S. Wilson.

Meanwhile, the Russia investigations continue to heat up. Robert Mueller’s team interviewed Spicey in an all-day closed-door session, while Jeff Sessions danced around actually answering any substantive questions in testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, which also subpoenaed former Donny adviser Carter Page (you remember, the one who lied about meeting with Russian spy Sergei Kislyak), and they’ve requesteddocuments and testimony from Michael Flynn’s son regarding his ties to Russia and Putin. Donny’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was sequestered with the committee for more than three hours last week. Meanwhile the Daily Beast unearthed evidence of Kellyanne and Donny Jr. pushing Russian propaganda before the election. Panicking GOP lawmakers are starting to squawk about ending all three Russia investigations—call your MoCs and demand that they support it until Mueller decides it’s closed!

A bipartisan bill has been introduced in the Senate that would force social media/news companies like Facebook and Google, etc., to disclose who is purchasing political ads, to hopefully prevent foreign governments from influencing future elections as they did the 2016 presidential election.

A number of generic ballots show that Democrats seem likely at the moment to win more votes in upcoming elections. But it won’t happen unless you VOTE!

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