Indivisible Austin Statement on the August 26 “Indivisible March”

A California-based group set up Facebook events for an Indivisible March in dozens of cities nationwide for August 26. While we wholeheartedly support the idea of nationwide collective action, we have decided not to participate in this particular event. Others who wish to participate are welcome to contact the organizers.

There are about 6,000 groups that follow the principles outlined in the Indivisible Guide. As a decentralized movement, most of these groups have no formal affiliation with each other, or with the national Indivisible Project.

The group that organized the Indivisible March — Indivisible Suffragists — did not coordinate with Indivisible Austin or other Austin-area district groups, and this event has not been endorsed by the national Indivisible Project. Indivisible Suffragists acknowledge as much on their Facebook event page. As part of our decentralized movement, we respect this group’s autonomy to create, promote, and host resistance events, and we have no reason to think the group is acting in bad faith.

As part of the national Indivisible movement, Indivisible Austin fights to resist authoritarianism and defend our democratic institutions — and basic human rights — against the Trump administration and its allies in Washington and our state legislature. To learn more about our initiatives, such as, our progressive activist training and our ongoing efforts to pressure our elected officials to stand up for their constituents, visit

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  1. Wow. What a missed opportunity Austin. I live in Indiana and we’re having a super event on August 26th in Indianapolis.

    I’ll be visiting Austin that weekend to be with my daughter, her husband and children. I was hoping to be a part of a resistance event in Austin.


  2. Hi Indivisible Austin, Just wanted to check in from Indivisible Suffragists. I am the VP. As well as founder of the Greater Los Angeles Indivisible Coalition (GLAIC). National Indivisible is aware of the iMarch, and we have coordinated with them to the extent that it is possible. It’s going to be a great event in LA–we merged with the Nevertheless She Persisted March and will be meeting at LA City Hall at 1:00 pm on 8.26. We have social media interest of over 12k and our friends at MoveOn have generously blasted the locals here too.

    Planning a march is a huge commitment. ISS and GLAIC recognize the strength of decentralized movements. We believe that the sovereignty of local groups as well as individuals within the Indivisible movement is one of Indivisible’s greatest assets. We appreciate you taking the time to draft a statement on the iMarch and wish you continued success in Austin. Thank you for your resistance!

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