How Your Voices Made a Difference Last Week: Paris Climate Accord

Courtesy of 5 Minute Activism

When Trump announced his intention to withdraw from the Paris agreement, people immediately mobilized…

  • China and all 28 EU states reaffirmed their commitment to fully implement the Paris Climate Agreement.
  • California, New York, and Washington formed a climate alliance.
  • More than 60 mayors of U.S. cities (including Pittsburgh) committed to adopting and upholding the Paris Climate Agreement goals.
  • Michael Bloomberg is coordinating a group of corporations, colleges, and mayors who are negotiating their own climate plan directly with the U.N.
  • Phoenix, Arizona announced plans to become carbon-neutral by 2050.
  • Protesters held rallies outside the White House and across the country.
  • Even got in on the action!
  • Both Paris and Montreal lit their city halls green.

…And pretty much the entire world will continue to take action against climate change:

  • India canceled the creation of huge coal power stations, moving instead toward more affordable solar energy—and announced plans to allow the sale of only electric cars by 2030.
  • South Korea is beginning to shut down coal power plants, in a move to combat pollution.
  • Shareholders approved a proposal for ExxonMobil to report on climate change-related risks, despite management’s recommendation to vote against it.

Sometimes it’s hard to see the grassroots progress forward, and the success of these movements in resisting Donald and the GOP’s regressive agenda, so I hope these positive signs offer some peace to your soul in trying times. Hang in there, warriors. We are our nation and our future’s hope.

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