Take Action: Stake out Sen. John Cornyn’s offices until he can provide answers on Russia

ALL WEEK: Ask Cornyn and Cruz these five questions about the AHCA

From Indivisible Project’s “Defend the ACA and Medicaid”:

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Since the fight to save the ACA is now in the Senate, the following question are for your two senators. Questions for your representative, see here.

  1. Republicans in the House sided with Trump over the wellbeing of their constituents when they voted to pass TrumpCare. They voted for it without a CBO score, meaning that they didn’t even know how much it would harm their constituents. We now have a CBO score and know that TrumpCare would kick 23 million people off of their health care. As your constituent, can you promise me that you:
    • “…won’t vote for a bill that would lead to millions of Americans losing their health coverage?”
    • “…won’t vote for a bill without first knowing its full implications from a CBO score?”
  2. I don’t believe that ensuring “access” to health care, which doesn’t take into account affordability or quality of care, is good enough. Can you guarantee that any replacement plan will cover AT LEAST as many people that would be covered under the ACA? Can you guarantee that no one will lose their coverage as a result of your vote?
  3. I [or someone I know] has “x” condition and I’m afraid that I [they] will be unable to obtain affordable health coverage because of my [their] pre-existing condition. I want to know if you can assure me that I’ll be able to get the same consumer protections as the ACA, including for a pre-existing condition?
  4. Thanks to the ACA, I was able to enroll in my state’s Medicaid program for the first time. I’m afraid that a replacement plan will end funding for state Medicaid expansions. Can you assure me that funding for Medicaid won’t get cut under ANY replacement plan?
  5. Currently, anyone who is eligible for Medicaid is able to get it. I’m one of those people. I’m afraid that I may lose my Medicaid coverage if the program is restructured. Can you also assure me that Medicaid will remain an entitlement, and that anyone eligible will be guaranteed coverage?


ALL WEEK: Stake out Sen. John Cornyn’s offices until he can provide answers on Russia

This is a statewide action, so please spread the word outside of Austin. Here’s how it works:

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  1. Visit cornynstakeout.com
  2. Connect with your local Indivisible group to sponsor a shift at one of Sen. Cornyn’s seven offices, May 30 – June 2 (followed by the Rally for Truth on June 3).
  3. If you need help finding a group, or want to sponsor a stakeout, email stakeout@indivisibleaustin.com

If you can’t come to the stakeout, call Sen. Cornyn and ask why he recommended an independent investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails but won’t do the same for Russian election interference. And ask him when Jared Kushner will be called to testify!


ALL WEEK: Help Indivisible Austin Grow

To ensure the health and longevity of our organization, Indivisible Austin is expanding its leadership team.

Help us make sure that a diverse and representative group of Austinites know about this opportunity by sharing this application link—and applying!

Monday, May 29

All day. Congress in in recess, so keep checking back for in-district appearances.

9:30 am to 4 pm. Fight Back Against Anti-Immigrant SB4

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Texas State Capitol

From the organizer, United We Dream:

This is the summer of resistance. We have testified, rallied, protested and marched across the state of Texas to stop the racist bill SB4. And we are not stopping now.

On May 29th, the Texas state capitol is our house. We will show legislators and the world what our community looks like.

We will continue to build, unite, educate and inform our Texas community of the actions we can take so that SB4 does not go into effect September 1st.

Bring your family and friends — the Capitol is OURS , and we need as many of us in it to fight back!


All Day. Call the Governor’s office and tell him no special session

Monday is the last day of the 85th Texas Legislature, and this one has been a doozy when it comes to bills targeting vulnerable Texans, including trans schoolchildren.

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Lt. Governor Dan Patrick has spent the entire session maneuvering to get his discriminatory “bathroom bill” passed. The clock has nearly run out, and the Texas House has thus far refused to pass a bill that would sufficiently discriminate against transgender Texans in Patrick’s eyes. Now, he is trying to force a special session to pass this hateful legislation once the 85th session wraps up today.

Governor Abbott is the only one who can actually call a “special session,” and he needs to know that Texans are done with this bill and demand that the state stop harassing trans kids. Oh, and it costs $800,000 to convene a special session.

Governor Greg Abbott

Office phone number: 512-463-2000


Tuesday, May 30

All day. Congress is in recess, so keep checking back for in-district appearances.

All day. Cornyn Stakeout!

6 to 8 pm: Community Event: Fundraiser for NARAL Pro-Choice Texas

From the organizer:

NARAL Pro-Choice Texas is committed to protecting reproductive freedom. We invite you to be part of that by joining our Reproductive Freedom Party!

Rattle Inn
610 Nueces St
Austin, TX 78701

Purchase tickets

Wednesday, May 31

All day. Call John Cornyn and Ted Cruz and ask why they are encouraging Trump to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord

Senators Cornyn and Cruz, along with 20 other GOP senators, signed a letter to Donald Trump telling him to withdraw from the climate accord for baseless legal reasons. From ABC News:

Most of the senators who signed are from states that depend on the continued burning of coal, oil and gas. That includes Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Inhofe and others who, like Trump, have suggested the scientific data showing the Earth is warming due to man-made carbon emissions is a hoax.

Call your senators and demand that they explain themselves. Why are they putting oil-company interests ahead of our children’s and grandchildren’s?

All day. Congress is in recess, so keep checking back for in-district appearances.

All day. Cornyn Stakeout!

Thursday, June 1

All day. Congress is in recess, so keep checking back for in-district appearances.

All day. Cornyn Stakeout!

Friday, June 2

All day. Congress is in recess, so keep checking back for in-district appearances.

All day. Cornyn Stakeout!

Saturday, June 3

All day. Congress is in recess, so keep checking back for in-district appearances.

10 am to noon: Community Event: Black Lives Matter Monthly Canvassing

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From the organizer:

Join us on our neighborhood canvassing/blockwalkings in the Austin as we spread community awareness and community education.

Gustavo “Gus” L. Garcia Recreation Center, 1201 E Rundberg Ln

Facebook event


11 am to 1 pm: Rally for Truth

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The Centex Chapter of the Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) and local chapters of Indivisible will host the People’s Rally for Truth on Saturday, June 3, from 11-1 at Austin City Hall (301 W. 2nd St.). The rally is part of the nationwide March for Truth, a grassroots, volunteer-led series of nonviolent demonstrations being planned in 100+ cities in five countries on June 3.

The rally will feature local elected officials, community leaders, and performers, to be announced.

The goals of the March For Truth demonstrations are to restore faith in American government and demand an impartial investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election and ties to the Trump administration.

Facebook Event


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