How Your Voices Made a Difference Last Week: Running Scared on Russia

Republicans as well as Dems are pushing back against Trump’s draconian budget–and resisting funding the infamous (and ridiculous) border wall.

Donald and company are running scared on Russia. Michael Flynn has asked for immunity in exchange for testifying–a request the FBI is not entertaining.

Heat mounts with calls to replace Devin Nunes as head of the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation because of mounting evidence that he is enmeshed directly with Donald and the White House and cannot be impartial, after it was discovered that two White House officials helped provide him with classified intelligence reports in an attempt to deflect attention onto Donald’s baseless wiretapping claims.

Jared Kushner is now in the hot seat for possible involvement in the alleged collusion of Donald and his campaign with Russia; and the White House is scrambling to block former attorney general Sally Yates’s testimony regarding Michael Flynn’s involvement prior to his resigning for lying about his contact with Russia.

Donald is desperately trying to deflect–by tweeting more unfounded accusations, this time against the Clintons regarding Russia.

This all looks a lot like panic from the Republican administration as the spotlight grows brighter on their activities.

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