How Your Voices Made a Difference Last Week: Saving the Affordable Care Act

Really, let’s just revel in the one big fat win of the week: No ACA repeal. Despite having control of literally every aspect of government right now, Trump and the Republicans in the House couldn’t come up with a better plan, or unite themselves enough to reach agreement.

This is hopeful for so many reasons:

  • We keep a health-care system that provides coverage for nearly all Americans. Planned Parenthood isn’t defunded. The disabled, mentally ill, and addicted retain access to services. Women retain basic health care coverage.
  • It shows that Donald’s influence isn’t nearly what he asserts it to be—despite direct involvement and exhortations to both sides of Republican resistance, he failed at the art of the deal—largely because, as a historically unpopular president who lost the electoral vote more bigly than any other president, his threats to turn lawmakers’ constituents against them have no stinger. That means he has a lot less power and control than he’d like America (and Congress) to believe—and that means we can expect ever more pushback from moderate Republicans who are beginning to realize that the tide has turned and that political expediency involves listening to their constituents—us—rather than Donald.
  • Finally, it shows that our voices are have power. Keep calling. It makes a difference.

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