How Your Voices Made a Difference Last Week: March 19, 2017

Good news this week, friends: Republican MoCs are beginning to push back against Donald and his agenda–with health care, with the budget, and with his baseless wiretapping allegations. That’s the clearest sign so far that our voices are being heard. Don’t let up! The reason these GOP lawmakers are finding their spine is that constituents like us are forcing them to answer for their cowardice and complicity. Keep those calls going–a few minutes a day has an enormous impact, especially when so many of us are doing it.
  • In the Texas Legislature, a bill was filed in satire of the many bills attacking women’s rights, turning similar legislation on men, to ridiculous effect. Perhaps like all good satire, it will help shine a light on how ridiculous current legislation attacking against women’s rights is.
  • Federal judges in Hawaii and Maryland froze the Republican administration’s new Muslim ban even before it could take effect, ruling it as unconstitutional as the last version:
  • Heartening news of government working the way it is supposed to work–with cooperation from Republicans and Democrats in service and search of a higher good for all Americans–specifically in demanding a fuller investigation into allegations of GOP admin collusion with Russia.
  • 17 conservative Republican members of Congress announced they are supporting a clear statement about the risks associated with climate change, as well as principles for how¬†best to fight it.

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