Thank you for filling out the volunteer survey (and why it’s taking us some time to respond)

Y’all, we have no words. Well, almost no words. We were shocked and amazed to wake up and discover that 500 people (!) had answered our call for volunteers!

So we’re trying to sort through the data as quickly as possible right now, and to help people get connected with the right teams and with their district groups.

Thank you for your enthusiasm! We’re excited to meet you and get connected. We need YOUR help to move forward with the work.

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  1. I’m involved in the Women March movement. I’ve also participated in ABI protest against the Muslim ban. I have been calling, writing and emailing Cornyn, Cruz and B. Flores. They’re actions don’t align with my request from them. I just joined Austin Democrats. I stay informed and will continue to advocate on behalf of myself and others. I will continue to resist.

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