Call for Volunteers – March 5 Citywide Gathering & Rally

Help out with our March 5 Citywide Gathering & Rally! This will be a fun and inspirational event featuring live music, food, volunteer fair, and special guest speakers including Congressman Lloyd Doggett, TX35. Please sign up below:


Thanks! We look forward to creating an incredible event for everyone.

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  1. Thank you for giving us a voice a place to organize and fight this tyranny! I’m a former Republican and I’m ashamed of my party. Mom of five pro-life but respect the constitution and a woman’a right to choose. We have a disabled grandson who will require lifelong care and we are educators, health professionals and abhor the administration policies on immigration, muslims, education, health etc. Let us know how to help in any way we can!

    1. Welcome, Patricia. We are very determined to be a bi-partisan movement, and we welcome Republicans, current or former. Please visit our Volunteer page (see the drop-down tab that says Take Action at the top, click on Volunteer) and fill out both surveys — one is general and one is particularly for the March 5 event.

    1. Great, Carlos! Please visit our volunteer page (see the drop down menu at the top) and fill out the surveys there.

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