Actions for January 30 – February 5, 2017

Events unfold quickly. This post will be updated throughout the week.

Monday, Jan. 30

All day: Call your SENATORS AND REPRESENTATIVES and ask if they support Trump’s Executive Order to Limit Refugees Into the U.S. aka the Muslim Ban.


Also call SENATORS and demand they cancel vote on Jeff Sessions because of his reported involvement with the Executive Order.

ACLU statement on Muslim Ban:

“‘Extreme vetting’ is just a euphemism for discrimination against Muslims. Identifying specific countries with Muslim majorities and carving out exceptions for minority religions flies in the face of the constitutional principle that bans the government from either favoring or discriminating against particular religions. Any effort to discriminate against Muslims and favor other religions runs afoul of the First Amendment.”

6-7 p.m.: Refugees Welcome: Interfaith Community Vigil
First English Lutheran Church
3001 Whitis Ave, Austin, Texas 78705

8 p.m.: Emergency Call to Stand Against Trump’s Muslim and Refugee Bans

Indivisible (the national team) is co-hosting a big planning call with Asian Americans Advancing Justice (AAAJ), American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP), and National Immigration Law Center (NILC-IJF)


Tuesday, Jan. 31

9 a.m. Texas Muslim Capitol Day
Read more about this call to action. 

All Day: Call SENATORS to vote NO on Betsy DeVos.

8 p.m. Weekly Indivisible ATX conference call

Dial-in Number: 1-(712) 770-8067
Conference Code: 409542

Tuesday is insane. See our calendar for more. 

Wednesday, Feb. 1

Call SENATORS to vote NO on Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. Read this for updated information. 

We also have extended Jeff Sessions scripts.

If you are reading this from out-of-state, call your DEMOCRATIC SENATOR and bolster their courage to vote NO on Trump’s Supreme Court pick. Republicans held up Merrick Garland’s confirmation for a year.

2 p.m. TX-10 visit to Rep. McCaul’s office

Thursday, Feb. 2

8:15  – 9:30 a.m. Hearing on SB4 scheduled in Texas Senate Chamber. If you can’t be there, call Lt. Dan Patrick and voice your opposition to SB4, the anti-sanctuary city bill. More details are on the Commonsense Immigration Website.

While you’re at, call Gov. Greg Abott and tell him you support Sally Hernandez, the Travis County Sheriff who refuses to be bullied by his executive overreach on sanctuary cities.

Friday, Feb. 3

All day: Call SENATORS to vote NO on Betsy DeVos. Keep the pressure on Cornyn, especially.

All Day: Call Gov. Abbott at (512) 463-1782 and tell him that his ban on “Sanctuary Cities” and his withholding of funds to Travis County violates his own belief in local control of government. Much more information is here…

12 p.m. Visit to Roger Williams.

Saturday, Feb. 4

11 a.m. TX-25 is holding a meetup at Black Star Coop
7020 Easy Wind Dr, Austin, TX 78752

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  1. I have not been able to get through to Senator Cruz or Cornyn’s offices locally or in DC. What is the next best way to let them know where I stand AND to express how distasteful it is that I am unable to even communicate with my elected officials. Since the only other way I know to get through is via fax or email are there drafts of those we can use in regard to the Muslim ban.

      1. Try one of his other offices. Here’s a list of all offices for all austin area congpersons:

        Sen. Cornyn
        512-469-6034 (Austin)
        202-224-2934 (DC)
        713-572-3337 (Houston)
        956-423-0162 (Harlingen)
        806-472-7533 (Lubbock)
        210-224-7485 (San Antonio)
        903-593-0902 (Tyler)
        972-239-1310 (Dallas)

        Sen. Ted Cruz
        (512) 916-5834 (Austin)
        (202) 224-5922 (DC)
        (214) 599-8749 (Dallas)
        (713) 718-3057 (Houston)
        (210) 340-2885 (San Antonio)
        (903) 593-5130 (Tyler)
        (956) 686-7339 (McAllen)

        Michael McCaul, Dist. 10
        512-473-235 (Austin)
        202-225-2401 (DC)
        979-830-8497 (Brenham)
        281-398-1247 (Katy)
        281-255-8372 (Tomball)

        Bill Flores Dist. 17
        (512) 373-3378 (Austin)
        (202) 225-6105 (DC)
        (979) 703-4037 (Bryan)
        (254) 732-0748 (Waco)

        Lamar Smith Dist. 21
        512-912-7508 (Austin)
        202-225-4236 (DC)
        210-821-5024 (San Antonio)
        830-896-0154 (Kerrville)

        Roger Williams Dist. 25
        (512) 473-8910 (Austin)
        (202) 225-9896 (DC)
        (817) 774-2575 (Cleburne)

        John Carter Dist. 31
        (512) 246-1600 (Round Rock)
        (202) 225-3864 (DC)
        (254) 933-1392 (Temple)

        Lloyd Doggett Dist 35
        (512) 916-5921 (Austin)
        (202) 225-4865 (DC)
        (210) 704-1080 (San Antonio)

  2. Just spoke w/ Rep Williams-25 Washington DC office. Staffer said he currently has no plans to appear here during the off week. Said if plans are made, will appear on his site and newsletter. Just FYI, he is on the finance committee.

  3. I have not been able to get through to Senator Cornyn’s offices (DC or Austin) all week. Busy signals, no answers. Even voicemail is full.

    I’m contacting the Statesman and letting know that the Senator is ignoring his constituents.

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