Dear John : Democrats’ Scorched-Earth Strategy and the Trump Tax

Dear John Cornyn,

Your tweets continue to show that you prefer careful consideration to knee-jerk extremism. Thank you!

First, you tweeted — without comment — a link to this Politico article about the Democrats’ scorched-earth strategy. Both sides will interpret this as a dog whistle: Trump supporters will hear “look at those idiot Dems!” and progressives will hear “Cornyn is watching this carefully and withholding judgment for now.”

Whatever your intent, it’s good to at least know you’re paying attention. As the Majority Whip, you’re going to be in for a wild ride.

Then there was a series of tweets about Trump’s proposed border tariff, or, as we like to call it, the #TrumpTax, which would have a devastating effect on the Texas economy.

You added a hashtag to this one, which pretty much cements your position.

We’re right there with you! Let’s continue to engage on our shared values: openness, honesty, and prosperity for all Texans.

Indivisible Austin

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