Texas Legislature convenes today!

Today the 85th Texas Legislature convenes and our state lawmakers will be sworn in at 12:00 noon at the state capitol.

Your state representatives and senators are inviting their constituents to a meet and greet today as they prepare for this legislative session.  You can take this opportunity to meet your representatives and senators in person.

Legislators will have a tight budget to work with over the next two years and will be faced with controversial bills, like SB 6, the “bathroom” bill, and a slew of reproductive rights bills target reproductive rights and women’s health.

Texas Legislature Online is an excellent website to use to follow the Texas Legislative session. It allows you to track bills from Texas Legislative sessions – either by setting up alerts or by manually looking up bills. If you want to set up alerts, use the link for Receive Bill and Meeting Alerts. Keep in mind that you will likely get a great deal of e-mail traffic as your bill moves through the legislative process. To track a bill manually, you’ll need to find the bill number. You can find the bill number by searching for it by a keyword that describes what the bill is about or by browsing through a list of bills that have been filed.

We need to be prepared to fight what is sure to be an onslaught of anti-progressive legislation. Find out who your state representative and senator is and save their office numbers in your phone.  We’ll also keep you posted on committee hearings and when bills are up for a vote in both houses.

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