Join us! How to Become a Member

Welcome to IndivisibleATX. Both the national and Austin area Indivisible movements are taking off by leaps and bounds. We’re excited that you want to join us!

Here’s what you need to do to become a member:

1. Attend one of our regular Tuesday night conference calls


2. attend a meeting.

3. Get to know us and let us get to know you. Ask about joining your district’s subgroup. Volunteer to help in your areas of interest/expertise. And don’t worry if you think you don’t have an area of expertise. There are all kinds of things that need doing!

4. Get active on social media if you’re comfortable doing so. Follow us on Twitter (@indivisibleatx) & Facebook. Use our hashtags: #standindivisible, #indivisibleatx, #resisttrump. Retweet our tweets and repost our posts, and add your own. Reach out to like-minded folks in your own circles and encourage them to get involved. Do the listed action items.

5. Head on over to our Take Action Now page – there’s stuff you can do right now even before you attend a meeting!

IndivisibleATX is a decentralized movement — in other words, each member acts according to his or her own best judgment within the movement’s guidelines. But you are not alone! We also support each other and band together to work on special projects or areas of interest.

Welcome to the resistance.

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  1. Per Twitter, I’m volunteering to be your state legislature outreach person. I can’t make the meeting on Sunday, but I’ll be on the conference call on Tuesday.

  2. About time! I’m in S. Austin though & do not have a ‘smart phone’. What can I do? Have called both senators & congress critter for the first time, ever! My primary concern is health insurance specifically ‘Obamacare’. Also I am skilled w/PC’s & have some WordPress experience & have been online since around ’94, BBS’s way before that…

    1. Calling is a very important thing! Also! Join our conf call this Tuesday? There’s a link to the details from take action now page.

  3. I have joined another group working on the Messaging subcommittee of a Texas legislative watch group. The first general meeting was in December and we had our first subcommittee meeting last Thursday. Just saw a post about your existence so I missed today’s meeting but I would be interested in seeing what you all are up to. After years of being in Doggett’s District I feel like I got robbed of representation was taken away when we got gerrymandered into climate denyin’ Lamar Smith’s District. Would love to join forces with others in the same boat.

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