Today: Call Your Rep About the Goodlatte Amendment

One of our tweets, about a Republican sneak attack to dismantle its own ethics watchdog, is becoming quite popular.

We’re thrilled to see this happen, and we’ve updated the script to present a more accurate call to action. You see, this vote has already happened, in secret, among Republicans only. Since Republicans control the majority, they can push through this change.

The vote today is on the overall House rules package, including the Goodlatte Amendment. So technically, there is still a chance that the House will vote No on the rules package, but don’t hold your breath.

Therefore, we’ve updated the script to target Republican representatives asking how they voted. (We also shortened it.)

So… this is still a very important call for you to make. Express your concern and ask how they voted and tell them you’ll take their answer under consideration at the ballot box.

Revised script is here:

“I’m calling about the effort to undermine the OCE known as the Goodlatte* Amendment. If the House dismantles its own ethics office, how can we trust that they have the spine to represent our interests under Trump, whose conflicts of interests present their own ethical dilemmas? As your constituent, I would like to know how you voted on this rule change.”

*Pronounced “GUUD-lat”

Austin-area reps are listed here.

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