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Because of the way our districts are gerrymandered, we don’t all have the same representatives in the House. (Austin has been called the largest US city with no single congressional district to anchor it.)

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Texas U.S. Senators

Senator John Cornyn RSS Feed for Sen. Cornyn

Senator Ted Cruz RSS Feed for Sen. Cruz

Texas U.S. Representatives

Congressional District 10
Congressman Michael T. McCaul (Republican)RSS Feed for Rep. McCaul

Congressional District 17
Congressman Bill Flores (Republican)RSS Feed for Rep. Flores

Congressional District 21
Congressman Lamar Smith (Republican)RSS Feed for Rep. Smith

Congressional District 25
Congressman Roger Williams (Republican)RSS Feed for Rep. Williams

Congressional District 31
Congressman John Carter (Republican)RSS Feed for Rep. Carter

Congressional District 35
Congressman Lloyd Doggett (Democrat)RSS Feed for Rep. Doggett
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