Kids’ Climate Action Toolkit

Kids’ Climate Action Toolkit (PDF)

Kids’ Climate Action Fact Sheet (PDF)


Following the lead of President Trump and his EPA, led by Scott Pruitt, members of Congress are taking us into dangerous territory vis a vis the climate and care more about profits than people, animals, and plants.

For example: HR 637, the “Stopping EPA Overreach Act of 2017,” co-sponsored by 120 Republican members of Congress (20 of whom are from Texas) would release Congress from regulating pollutants that contribute to climate change and poison the air. It would put corporate profits over children’s health and the future of the planet.


Local Indivisible groups joining the 2017 Kids’ Climate Action should contact their member of Congress to schedule a meeting for April 20th after school (local groups can choose a specific time, but we recommend gathering at 3:30). Tell the staffer that a group of kids wants to meet for Earth Day to discuss their work to protect the environment with the following key points in mind:

  • We are afraid and want the government to protect the planet and our future.
  • We oppose legislation that makes it harder to protect the planet and our future.
  • We want to make sure that we’re taught the truth about climate change in school.

Plan to show up whether or not you get an appointment.

Create a Facebook Event  (see template) for gathering kids to your Member of Congress’s local office (or DC office): add specific info for your local action with date, time, and address. And here’s an example of the event created by TX-10.

Local groups should alert local media: Adapt our media advisory for your location and time.

General plan for action

Gather kids between 3:30 and 4:00 on April 20th at the member of Congress’s office. Kids should bring prepared crafts, signs, and letters that they can read aloud and then leave with the member of congress or staffer.

Choose three diverse, articulate children who can speak to the press and be sure that parents are there to give permission for those children to be recorded and/or to speak to the press.

  • See talking points for kids: kids can make statements or read their letters out loud.
  • See activity ideas for kids to do beforehand.
  • Bring a bullhorn so that speakers can be heard
  • *Photograph letters, signs, and any other materials kids create before you give them to members of Congress.
  • Share photographs of kids letters and other materials with the media

Bring copies of fact sheet and leave fact sheet with staffer.

Assign one person in your group as contact for the press. Put that person’s contact information in your press release, and on your Facebook event page.

** Assign a person to videotape or record on Facebook Live, and then send media to your district’s Indivisible page, Indivisible Austin (,  and to any local media contacts you have. After you’ve posted your video, you can also share it on Twitter and tag local media.

Note: 314 Action is also targeting anti-science members of Congress, including  TX 21’s Lamar Smith. His office closes at 1:30, but kids can gather with scientists and other supporters of science at 10:30 am on April 20—contact Derek McDonald at or Indivisible TX21 if you’re interested in joining 314’s work against Lamar Smith or other members of Congress who are outspoken against science.

Join the March for Science on April 22 and the People’s Climate March on April 29.