More GOTV Resources

Getting to the polls

Drive for Democracy – Give rides to the polls

TechVotes – Austin transportation options

Uber, Lyft to Provide Free & Discounted Trips to Polling Places on Election Day

Voter ID

Spread the Vote – In the state of Texas, you have to have a government issued photo ID to vote.

Toolkits & Other Election Resources

Election Tools – A civic engagement toolkit for election officials

Nonprofit Vote – Voter engagement resource library

Evidence-Based Practices for Voter Mobilization” – by League of Women Voters

Voter Flow Chart

  • Are they registered to vote in Texas at their current address?
    • Not sure? Check at the TX Sec. of State site or at
    • Yes! Great, skip to the next step to make sure they have the necessary ID.
    • Yes, but they moved.
      • Still in the same county? Update registration online (this page is not mobile-friendly, and you need to have your voter registration card on hand to complete your change of information).
      • Now in a different county? Register in the new county by Tuesday, Oct. 9th.
    • No, but they want to be! We recommend starting the process at before October 1st. (A completed, ready-to-mail voter registration application will be sent to each user; simply sign, date & drop in the mail early enough to reach the county registrar. Volunteers will follow up to help with questions and ensure completion.)
  • Do they have the ID required to vote in Texas?
    • Not sure? Check which forms of ID are acceptable and more on voting with or without them at ACLU of Texas or Spread the Vote Texas.
    • Yes! Great, skip to the next step to help them make a voting plan.
    • Yes, but it expired. Make sure it expired no more than four years before voting day.
    • No, and they need to get one! Text (713) 496-0570 to connect with Spread the Vote, which obtains IDs for eligible voters, paying related fees (“for 365 days a year PLUS election day”).
  • Do they have a voting plan, including what to bring, where and when to vote, and transportation to the polls?
    • What to bring:
      • Voter registration card (not required, but helpful)
      • ID (generally required)
      • Completed sample ballot (recommended) – Ballots can be lengthy, and while cellphones are to be turned off at a polling place, paper notes are allowed.
        • League of Women Voters’ fillable, printable sample ballot is available closer to Election Day.
        • Travis County’s 2018 ballots are available now.
    • Where and when to vote:
    • Transportation to the polls, if needed:
      • Plan to ride with a friend to vote together
      • Take public transportation: call TxDOT at 800.558.9368 to identify public transit to the polls
      • Call Spread The Vote Texas at 713.496.0570 to obtain a ride
      • Select from several ride options at
      • Lyft will be offering 50% discounts, and some free rides in low-income communities
  • Want a reminder? Complete this form (physical and email addresses required; mobile number optional, and will be used to text reminders).

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